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I’m very impressed with Crystal. She was a big help and made my breakfast and helped me in and out of the shower.

We went food shopping as well and again a great help. Especially when I almost fell she was a strong hand to catch me.

I would like to have her tomorrow from 12pm to 6pm and for the rest of my time before my operation.

All the best


Hi Karen

Pamela is a special lady who cared for my dad during the last few weeks of his life.

Dad was always very independent and self-sufficient, so when his condition deteriorated he resented having to be looked after.

Being on full time oxygen with catheter and waning strength, Pamela coaxed him to eat, clean and stay positive.

She helped him through very dark moments and gave him the strength to live properly until the inevitable end.

There’s a photo that shows them both smiling, a testament to a lovely lady from a tough and gruff man in his twilight days.

HFN Nursing Agency and especially Karen Wienand needs special mention.

Karen was flexible and accommodated several schedule changes around my dad’s condition.

There was formal paperwork to be done, but it was never Karen’s focal point and I appreciated that tremendously.

Dad never wanted help from anyone, but Karen and the carers from HFN provided the minimum that dad was comfortable with.

Karen’s advice and guidance assisted me greatly during a difficult time, particularly because they were in Cape Town and I live in Durban.

We managed to keep Dad comfortable and safe until he was admitted to hospital for the last time, two days before he passed.

Thank you Pamela and Karen, you are a credit to your profession.


Dear Alex,

I wish to express my deep appreciation for your sterling help regarding the situation last night.

You helped resolve the problem within minutes and I will highly recommend you and the HFN Agency and staff for the dedication and professional work and caring attitude displayed.


J is not well and has pneumonia. Frances is with her and being exceptionally caring.

I suggest we carry on the same until J passes away.


Dear Hanri,

Thank you most sincerely for coming to my rescue last night.  It was a huge relief!

I am returning the signed forms.  Please let me know what I owe you, so that I can do the EFT.