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Sr. Tercia Pelston's function and duties at HFN Nursing Agency

My function as a Care Coordinator is to coordinate team-based care to provide health services to individuals and achieve coordinated holistic care that is patient and family centred. I also support both family and caregivers.

My initial contact starts with a home assessment where I gather information on the physical, mental, emotional, nutritional and rehabilitation needs of a patient to establish the care needed.

After the home assessment, a tailored, holistic care plan is compiled for the care giver to implement. Daily activity reports are completed by the care giver based on the care plan which I review with each visit.

I do regular supervisory home visits, looking after the well-being of our patients and supervising our carers and nurses. I encourage direct and open communication with the care group as I want to play a part in all aspects of care. I also liase with the family or Doctor if an intervention is required.

Apart from above I also do wound dressings, give injections and administer medication.

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