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HFN - The Essential Role of Women

Growing up, the founder of HFN Nursing Agency, Alex Hegerstrom’s mother was a Nursing Sister. She taught him early on that her work require discipline, dedication and most of all compassion, and was one of the main reasons he started HFN Nursing Agency 20 years ago. His mother’s strong influence made him realise that women are the backbone of our communities - the unsung heroes of our society.

Women work incredibly hard, facing many challenges, often at the same time raising a family as a single parent. Mindful of this he wanted to empower underprivileged women and at the same time provide an elite home nursing service to the community.

He wanted each patient to feel loved and cared for, during their time with HFN Nursing Agency, while at the same time educating and training caregivers to better themselves and enable them to become the family breadwinners.

He soon realised that every patient care situation was different, a hands-on approach was essential. After a home assessment by a Professional Nurse, an individual Care Plan for every patient was required. The next requirement was to match and place the most suitable Carer/Nurse commensurate with the patient’s needs. Thirdly, regular supervision of the Carer/Nurse was essential in maintaining high standards of care. These roles at HFN subsequently became over 95% managed and staffed by women.

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