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A Sweet Life - Living with Diabetes

HFN’s Sr. Vicky Evans

As part of my duties for HFN Nursing Agency, I have the privilege to visit my Patients on a weekly basis.

When seeing new Patients and doing full Home Assessments I find that many suffer from late onset Diabetes and have little or no insight to their disease. I therefore need to take extra time to educate them and give them the tools to help deal with their disease.

When asking questions, it often transpires that they have not had any education on the disease. Education is of vital importance to the Patient, family members and Carers so they can learn to live with, and manage, their diabetes successfully without fear.

At HFN we provide our Carers with specific Care Plans and Diabetes information which arms them with the knowledge and understanding on how to assist the patient.

As our Carers are not allowed to administer Insulin injections, it is important that the Patient or Family members know the correct procedure to follow, and have specific parameters and protocols set by their doctor or Physician.

HFN Carers are trained to assist in doing Blood Sugar testing for the Patient.

My Plea to all Family and Patients (if possible) would be to ask for diabetes advice and/or education prior to being discharged from Hospital, or to ask their Family Doctor or Physician. There are also many Groups that Patients can join and gain knowledge from other people living with the disease. Knowledge is Power and it does not mean one has to live in fear of their Diabetic situation.

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