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Diabetes – Foot notes

As a Registered Nurse at HFN Nursing Agency, it is part of my duty to educate. Being part of the HFN team I can impart some information to my patients and their families. I also assist them to deal with their Diabetes.

A very important aspect often overlooked by many Diabetics is their FEET.

Let us examine this area here: -

· After a bath or shower, make sure to dry very well between the toes. Moisturise the feet with a good lotion to help avoid dry skin, but not between the toes.

· A small thing like a callus or cut on the foot can lead to serious problems. Patients with Nerve damage (Neuropathy) may not feel a cut or sore on their foot.

· Keep toenails short, but not too short

· Do not walk around barefoot or wear open toe sandals.

· Wear comfortable soft shoes with cushioned soles for good support.

· Always wear socks, but ensure they are not too tight. This may impinge on the circulation.

· Never pop blisters and check all cuts or blisters daily.

· If there are any wounds on the feet that are not healing, consult a doctor.

· In Winter, do not sit with feet too close to a heater.

I trust this brief narrative will give readers an insight into the importance of foot care and urge them to do their own research on the subject, as there is so much information out there to help them.

Vicky Evans RN -HFN Nursing Agency

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