Stepdown Facility or Home Care

Updated: Mar 10, 2020


There are a few Stepdown recovery hospitals in Cape Town for patients who are too well to be in a hospital and too ill to go home unattended. The patient’s doctor makes referral to Stepdown.

Home care is the choice of the patient.

What is a Stepdown facility?

There is a misconception that nursing care is as intensive in Stepdown as when the patient was in the hospital. In fact, patients are expected to do as much as possible for themselves in the spirit of recovering. Stepdown is more a platform for various therapies to continue towards complete healing.

Typically, the physiotherapist covers most areas of mobilization, neurological conditions, pain management, etc. There is also a representative from medical aid who needs to motivate for the patients’ extended stay in Step-down. Then there is a social worker who will ascertain if there are problems with the patient going home. This may be because there is no-one at home to continue the care for most of the day or perhaps underlying neurological reasons such as dementia and the patient not recovering fast enough. Further planning with the family is then discussed. But, for the most part, there isn’t a nurse who will mollycoddle the patient.

Why choose home care?

Home care nursing is the patient’s choice usually for the familiarity of home and for the ease and convenience of family and friends’ visits. Patients can still run their businesses from home while confined. Patients prefer the privacy of home and can plan and set their own daily routine.

HFN Nursing Agency for home care

HFN Nursing Agency provides nursing care at home on a one to one basis. The carer or nurse helps with basic hygiene such as washing, toileting, hair care, etc. She will move on to making meals and helping with feeding. Then she will help with mobilising the patient and doing the prescribed exercises. Our Sr. Natasha Collins will do regular visits to supervise the carers and revise the care plan as the patient improves.

HFN Nursing Agency also support other institutions who support home healing: Physiotherapy@Home bring their equipment to the patient’s home and will also train the carer/nurse in the required exercise routine.

HFN collaborates with Kimoramed home visiting doctors: Drs Kimmie and Morar. They take the stress out of hospital waiting rooms for minor injuries, wound suturing, palliative care, IV treatment, etc. With our carer/nurse at the patient’s side it is easy for the doctor to instruct the Carers/Nurses.

Patient diet is most important to healing effectively and here Daily Dietitian will help to formulate the perfect healing diet as well as make and deliver the meals to your door.

So, there are many advantages to choosing HFN Nursing Agency for home care healing in Cape Town. Give us a call to set up a complete home caring package.

HFN Nursing Agency

Contact Karen on 083 2935627

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