A case for Post-op Home Care

Considerations for post-operative home care:

Recovery at home after surgery takes some planning beforehand. With the help of your doctor, nursing staff, family and friends you can prepare your space at home to make recovery easier.

Changes in the home:

Mobility is an important concern. Being near a bathroom is most essential. Choose a bedroom closest to the bathroom or move your bed to have better access.

If you are completely bedridden and rely on catheter and stoma bags and the bathroom is not important, consider choosing the quietest room or move your bed to the hub of the house. You can hire a hospital bed for ease of your caregiver to attend to catheter and stoma care.

Most times mobility is encouraged, and physiotherapists teach patients how to get to the bathroom. The furniture can be rearranged so that you have something to hold onto along your walk to the bathroom. Alternatively, a walker provides good support.

Oxygen therapy should not restrict you from going to the bathroom. Have a long administration pipe or use a mobile tank.

Keep nightlights on and clear clutter from the home. Wear flat shoes or no shoes in a carpeted house.


Apart from hospital beds and walkers, there is various equipment available for hire or to buy.

Ask your medical aid if they will cover hospital beds, oxygen (must be prescribed) wheelchairs, walkers, elevated toilet seat, shower chair, etc.

At discharge from hospital be sure to have enough dressing changes and wound care instructions.

Pain therapy:

Be sure to have a supply of prescribed analgesics. Take only as recommended and be aware that it can cause dizziness.

Stock your pantry:

Stock up on wholesome food and healthy bedside snacks. Ask your doctor if there is a recommended diet to follow for your condition and plan accordingly. You can also prepare meals ahead of time and keep frozen until needed.


HFN NURSING AGENCY will support and assist you with post-operative home care. The Registered Nurse does an assessment to determine the care required and draws up a care plan. Medical Aids usually authorize around 2 weeks of post-op home care. HFN Nursing Agency has a Board of Healthcare Funders practice number so you can claim home nursing expenses from your Medical Aid.

If you have surgery scheduled, do contact us - we will be happy to advise and arrange for your home nursing needs.

Call us on 021 762 3611 or email us on info@hfn.co.za

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