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More About Our Care Services

Frail and Elderly

HFN Carers help with a patient's daily needs and activities like feeding, bathing, dressing, toileting, lifting and moving and administering medications. Our Carers have the qualities of patience, the ability to multi-task, be a good listener, and to show kindness and empathy.

Palliative care

Our Carers focus on improving quality of life - not just body but also mind and spirit, making the patient as comfortable as possible. Managing pain and other distressing symptoms is the primary focus of our Carers.

End of Life Care

Caring for someone at the end of life can be a challenging experience. Our Carers focus on making the situation a calm and loving one by making the patient comfortable and safe. HFN can offer 24 hour care and support as well as transport for everyday needs and emergencies.

Dementia care

HFN Carers treat the Dementia patient with friendship, dignity and respect. They will help with managing the following needs: eating and nutrition, hygiene, continence and sleeping habits. Our Carers will also help manage memory loss, confusion, and aggression.

Post-op care

HFN Carers carry out all the practical care aspects, affording the patient quality time while recuperating. These aspects include meal preparation, household chores, helping with more personal issues like bathing, dressing, wound care, catheter and colostomy bag maintenance.

Live- in care

With live-in care 2 Carers will work on a 7 day rotational basis. In a typical day the Carer will be on duty from 6am to 9pm, and on call for the rest of the night. Meals and accomodation for the Carer must be provided.

24 Hour Home Care

Our 24 hour care consists of 4 Carers, 2 rotating day shift and 2 rotating night shift. Shifts are 12 hours, typically 7 to 7. The benefit of 24-hour care is that the Carer is with the patient at all times and will be awake throughout the night, attending to the patient.

Nurse Assist

If you require assistance and transport for your next doctor's appointment, or with your shopping, book a Nurse Assist with HFN. We will have a Taxi, with a Carer, collect you, accompany you and return you to your home.

Paraplegic care

HFN Carers have been trained in Lifting Skills and Wheelchair Skills. They are taught to be patient, compassionate and empathetic to the patient's situation and what they are going through. Carers learn to stay calm and maintain a positive attitude.


These Carers support people who are fairly independent, but may need a little assistance or supervision, or help with tasks like banking, shopping, and housework.

Doctor Home Visits

In association with Kimoramed, HFN offers high quality medical treatment in your home, office or hotel. Treatment for minor injuries, palliative care, chronic medical conditions, flu and baby Vaccinations and wound care management can be undertaken by our associate Doctors.


We can assist clients who require a Carer to do domestic work as well as carry out the duties of a Carer.