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HFN Nursing Agency FAQ

1. Is the price all-inclusive or do I need to pay anything else?

A – The price is all-inclusive. There are no hidden costs, joining, monthly or annual fees.

2. Does HFN only offer nursing services?

A – No, HFN offers a range of services and equipment, including:

  • Occupational Therapists
  • Nutritional Therapists
  • Wheelchairs for sale and hire
  • Commodes
  • Shower chairs
  • Incontinence diapers
  • Anti-bedsore mattresses

3. Is there a deposit payable?

A - We do require a deposit before beginning service, which is refundable upon cancellation of our services. The deposit is 50% of what your monthly bill will be. If the service you require is for less than a month the deposit will be equal to 1 weeks billing.

4. Is there a contract to be signed?

A – Yes, a contract setting out the terms and conditions of service and the Carers duties and responsibilities, must be signed before beginning service.

5. How am I invoiced?

A – Invoicing is done every two weeks. Payment of the invoice is the responsibility of the patient. As we have a Practice number the patient can claim from his or her Medical Aid.

6. What happens now?

  • A Comprehensive Patient Assessment is offered in order to determine the level of care required. The assessment fee is refundable on signing HFN contract.
  • The deposit required is finalised and the contract explained and signed.
  • A Care Plan is drawn up and a Carer is placed with the patient.

7. Are HFN staff supervised and monitored?

A – Yes, Carers fill out a daily activity report. A Registered Nursing Sister visits patients once a week to monitor activity reports, carer conduct and patient needs.

8. What does the carer do exactly?

A – The Carers duties and responsibilities are set out in the HFN Nursing Code of Practice. The main duties include:

  • Promote the well–being of the patient.
  • Execute a care plan.
  • Maintain the patients' hygiene and nutrition.
  • Promote the physical comfort, rest, and sleep of the patient.
  • Promote communication with the patient.

9. Are HFN staff medically qualified?

A – Enrolled Nurses and Enrolled Nursing Assistants have the appropriate medical qualifications. Our Carers are not medically qualified but have all completed a basic home care course at a reputable training institution. Some have done a basic First Aid course as well. All Carers have been carefully screened and are all competent to perform to the HFN Nursing Agency Scope of Practice.

10. Can we get someone with the same religion as ours?

A – Yes, if possible we will try to place carers as requested. We do employ carers of different religions.

11. Do you have Male Carers?

A – Yes we do have male carers available

12. Are Carers allowed to do housework?

A – We do emphasise that our carers are companions and are there to look after the well-being of the patient. Therefore, the carer may only do light housework such as cleaning the patients room, making their bed and preparing their food.

13. What if we don't like the person sent by the Agency?

A – We do try to match the personality of the carer with that of the patient.
Should the patient not get on with the carer we will replace him/her with another carer.

14. What happens in a medical emergency?

A – The carers are trained to assess the situation and will immediately contact the emergency numbers as supplied to the Agency beforehand.

15. Is there a notice period if we want to cancel the service?

A – We require one weeks notice, but also understand that in some instances this is not always possible.